South Sudan


A Trip Report: Sudan (Audio)

Speakers: George Clooney and John Prendergast
Presider: Tami Hultman

Upon their return from Sudan, George Clooney and John Prendergast assess the in-country situation in advance of southern Sudan's independence referendum this January.

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First Take

Moving Forward in Sudan

Author: John Campbell

The Sudan referendum now underway will likely result in the south's independence, but unresolved disputes and population shifts require the Obama administration's continued intense diplomatic and humanitarian engagement, says CFR's John Campbell.

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Oil Diplomacy in the Sudans

Alex de Waal interviewed by Christopher Alessi

A recent agremeent between Sudan and South Sudan to restart oil exports is likely to improve the macroeconomic situations of the countries, while paving the way for future negotiations over land disputes, says expert Alex de Waal.

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Must Read

Guardian: South Sudan: the State that Fell Apart in a Week

Author: Daniel Howden

"The fighting has already claimed thousands, if not tens of thousands, of civilian lives. Hundreds of thousands of South Sudanese have fled into the bush or returned to home villages, according to the UN. The official death toll of 500, which corresponds with the number of dead in a single Juba hospital six days ago, is being dismissed by experts."

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Must Read

FT: South Sudan's Road to Independence

Author: Barney Jopson

Foreign Policy's Barney Jopson reports on the current status of southern Sudan as it gears up for a referendum on southern self-determination due next January, in which the majority of southerners are expected to vote for secession.

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