Prendergast: International Pressure Needed to End Violence, Insecurity in Sudan

John Prendergast interviewed by Mary Crane

Millions of Sudanese continue to live in fear of violence because of the unsettled conflict in western Darfur. Also, a one-year-old peace deal ending a long civil war between Sudan’s mainly Muslim north and the animist and Christian south has still not produced a national unity government as planned. The International Crisis Group’s John Prendergast tells international pressure is needed for real change in Sudan.

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Analysis Brief

Debate Grinds On Over Darfur

The three-year conflict in Darfur continues as the United Nations prepares to send a peacekeeping mission to replace the ineffectual African Union (AU) presence in Sudan. Human rights advocates say the Darfur situation highlights the international community's inability to protect civilians when their governments are unable or unwilling to help.

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Analysis Brief


Sudan's bid to chair this year's African Union Summit has brought fierce criticism from opponents who say Khartoum's human rights record would damage the organization's efforts at reform. Sudan continues to fight a bloody civil war and the government faces accusations of human rights abuse in its Darfur region.

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Must Read

HRW: Q & A: Crisis in Darfur

A link to a Human Rights Watch (HRW) question & answer document outlining the background of the conflict in Darfur, western Sudan, since early 2003. It includes information on the complex pattern of rebel alliances and allegiances in the conflict.

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Primary Sources

UN Resolution 1564, Sudan

This resolution, sponsored mainly by the United States, threatened the Sudanese government with sanctions if it did not halt attacks by Arab Sudanese militias on black Sudanese villagers of the Darfur region. It also stipulated the formulation of an international panel to decide if the Darfur attacks were acts of genocide.

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Dying in Darfur

Author: Samantha Power

Sudan, the largest nation in Africa, had been mostly mired in civil war since it won independence from Britain, in 1956. The central conflict, between Muslim government forces in the North and rebels in the South, began in 1955, abated in 1972, and resumed in 1983...

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