A Killer Forces A Choice in Darfur

Author: Michael J. Gerson
Washington Post

Michael Gerson argues that in light of the humanitarian crisis in Darfur's refugee camps, the international community faces  a difficult choice: accept President Omar Hassan al-Bashir's decision to expel relief groups, or increase pressure on Sudan's regime at the risk of more short-term suffering and death.

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Think Twice on Bashir

Authors: Paul B. Stares and Alexander Noyes

Paul B. Stares and Alexander Noyes argue that "A conditional suspension of the ICC's warrant for Bashir is the best way to prevent a collapse of the CPA, protect those still in need, and force Khartoum to act toward ending the conflict in Darfur."

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A Chance to Sway Sudan

Author: Michael J. Gerson
The Washington Post

Michael Gerson weighs in on the International Criminal Court's indictment of Sudanese president Omar Hassan al-Bashir and the challenges that now fall on the Obama administration.

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Symposium on International Law and Justice, Session Three: The Darfur Case (Audio)

Speaker: Luis Moreno-Ocampo
Introductory Speaker: Angelina Jolie
Presider: Nicholas D. Kristof

Listen to International Criminal Court prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo discuss the Darfur case, with introductory remarks by United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Goodwill Ambassador Angelina Jolie.

This session was part of the CFR Symposium on International Law and Justice, which was made possible through the generous support of the Jolie-Pitt Foundation.

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