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Human Rights Watch: Chad: Sudanese Militia Massacre Chadian Civilians

The Human Rights Watch reports that more than one hundred people have been killed in recent attacks in Eastern Chad. Witnesses showed Human Rights Watch researchers one of the massacre sites.  Human Rights Watch is increasingly circumspect about escalating volatility in West Darfur, which is controlled by the Sudanese government and boarders Chad.  The porous border and diverse armament of groups in the region is ominous and representative of the hostile region.

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Darfur: Crisis Continues

Author: Carin Zissis

Whatever the outcome of the current round of peace negotiations between Sudan's government and rebel groups, the crisis in Darfur seems likely to drag on. Meanwhile, the UN Security Council is planning a transition from AU peacekeepers to an expanded, UN-led force.

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Chad: A Turn Toward the Bad

In a constant state of near-drought and desperately poor in good times, the desert republic of Chad is heading toward a fateful election early next month as Darfur's hungry refugees, a bloody rebel army, and the World Bank all demand their due.

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Prendergast: International Pressure Needed to End Violence, Insecurity in Sudan

John Prendergast interviewed by Mary Crane

Millions of Sudanese continue to live in fear of violence because of the unsettled conflict in western Darfur. Also, a one-year-old peace deal ending a long civil war between Sudan’s mainly Muslim north and the animist and Christian south has still not produced a national unity government as planned. The International Crisis Group’s John Prendergast tells international pressure is needed for real change in Sudan.

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Debate Grinds On Over Darfur

The three-year conflict in Darfur continues as the United Nations prepares to send a peacekeeping mission to replace the ineffectual African Union (AU) presence in Sudan. Human rights advocates say the Darfur situation highlights the international community's inability to protect civilians when their governments are unable or unwilling to help.

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Sudan's bid to chair this year's African Union Summit has brought fierce criticism from opponents who say Khartoum's human rights record would damage the organization's efforts at reform. Sudan continues to fight a bloody civil war and the government faces accusations of human rights abuse in its Darfur region.

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HRW: Q & A: Crisis in Darfur

A link to a Human Rights Watch (HRW) question & answer document outlining the background of the conflict in Darfur, western Sudan, since early 2003. It includes information on the complex pattern of rebel alliances and allegiances in the conflict.

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