The UN Inspectors' Job in Syria

Amy E. Smithson interviewed by Bernard Gwertzman

The search for evidence of chemical weapons in Syria is painstaking and hampered by harsh conditions, but could yield decisive findings as debate over military action intensifies, says expert Amy E. Smithson.

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Chemical Weapons Are a Nightmare for Syrians

Author: Laurie Garrett

Laurie Garrett explains what makes sarin gas dangerous to humans and reviews the chemical's deadly history in this op-ed for CNN Opinion. She then discusses the potential political implications of sarin's usage in Syria, concluding that "the Assad regime is playing with regional fire."

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Obama's Halfway Effort in Syria

Author: Elliott Abrams
National Review

Elliott Abrams says the problem with the Obama administration's probable reaction in Syria is that it does not seem likely to address real American security interests at stake or the growing humanitarian disaster, and instead focus narrowly on another: Assad's use of chemical weapons.

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