A Turkey-Israel Opening

Authors: Charles A. Kupchan and Soli Ozel
International Herald Tribune

In the wake of President Obama's brokered telephone apology between Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan, Charles Kupchan argues for new foundations to an Israeli-Turkish partnership.

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In Shifting Sands of Middle East, Who Will Lead?

Author: Steven A. Cook
Christian Science Monitor

Steven A. Cook says leadership in the Middle East is up for grabs as the Syrian war intensifies, the Arab Spring changes regional power dynamics, and Israel's airstrikes and Hamas rockets again roil Gaza. Last year, Turkey was the assumed role model for the region. But it has fallen down on the job.

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Must Read

Reuters: Building a New Future for Turkey

Authors: Madeleine K. Albright and Stephen J. Hadley

The U.S.-Turkey relationship has become increasingly important as a result of the continuing violence in Syria and ongoing debate over Iran's nuclear program. In this crucial time, the two countries have an opportunity to work together to help shape the Middle East, including the challenges of ensuring the stability of Iraq, containing Iranian nuclear ambitions, and putting an end to the Assad regime in Syria.

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