Managing a More Assertive Turkey

F. Stephen Larrabee interviewed by Bernard Gwertzman

Turkey's recent diplomatic strains with the United States and Israel reflect the "more assertive and self-confident" posture of a country looking to reestablish its role as a major influence in the Middle East and Central Asia, says expert F. Stephen Larrabee.

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Caspian Weekly: Turkey's Role in the Organization of Islamic Conference, JDP Government and the Greater Middle East Project

Author: Ozan Örmeci

Turkey's role in the Organization of the Islamic Conference has been increasing consistently after the take-over of Justice and Development Party (JDP) in 2002. Simultaneously with Turkey's increasing role in the organization, OIC, which has functioned as a non-influential international actor until recent years, has now an important agenda due to the problems of the Islamic world and USA's "Greater Middle East Project."

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Turkey Update: A Discussion on Turkey's Foreign Policy

Speakers: Henri J. Barkey and Hugh Pope
Presider: William Drozdiak

Watch experts analyze Turkey's regional relations and broader foreign policy goals including participation in Iranian nonproliferation talks and membership in the European Union.

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