Behind Maliki's Games

Author: Max Boot
Washington Post

Max Boot writes that Iraqi Prime Minister, Nouri al-Maliki’s ambiguous statements about a timetable for troop withdrawal from Iraq are an attempt at political posturing before the upcoming presidential elections.

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Who Obama Should See in Iraq

Author: Daniel Senor
Wall Street Journal

Congressional delegations can be illuminating despite the obvious limitations imposed by time and security concerns, writes Daniel Senor, giving Barack Obama a list of people he ought to meet on his upcoming trip to Iraq.

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Analysis Brief

Tapping Iraq’s Oil

Author: Lee Hudson Teslik

Iraq says it wants to sell oil contracts to foreign energy firms. The potential impact on energy markets could be large, but practical and political obstacles still prevent rapid production increases.

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Iran on Its Heels

Author: Vali R. Nasr
Washington Post

Iran’s goals of building a mutually beneficial relationship with Iraq and of undermining the American occupation are at odds with each other, writes Vali Nasr. These conflicting objectives have resulted in Tehran’s first major setback in Iraq.

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