Teaching Module

Teaching Module: Averting Crisis in Ukraine

Author: Steven Pifer

In this report, Steven Pifer examines current issues facing Ukraine, including its geostrategic relevance; the social, political, and economic relationship between Russia and Ukraine; the question of NATO membership; and the possibilities for integration into the West. Teaching notes by the author.

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Ukraine's Orange Revolution: Film Screening and Discussion

Speakers: Steve York, Peter Ackerman, and David Kramer
Presider: Robert McMahon

This winter marks the fifth anniversary of Ukraine's Orange Revolution, when over one million citizens took to the streets of Kiev and succeeded in overturning the results of that country's presidential election. Steve York's documentary, Orange Revolution, follows the contest between opposition leader Viktor Yushchenko and his adversary Viktor Yanukovych, capturing the iconic images that defined the election and ensuing protests.

Here, after a screening of Orange Revolution, Peter Ackerman, David J. Kramer and Steve York discuss the significance of the Orange Revolution for Ukraine and nonviolent democracy movements elsewhere.

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