A Conversation with Viktor Yushchenko

Speaker: Viktor Yushchenko
Presider: Chrystia Freeland

Watch Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko discuss Kiev's relations with Russia, Europe, and the United States at a CFR meeting.

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Must Read

GMF: Georgia outshines Ukraine at recent NATO summit in Riga

Author: Taras Kuzio

This paper from the German Marshall Fund of the United States notes Georgia's better performance compared to Ukraine in two key areas of reform: improving the rule of law and battling corruption. The paper says that Ukraine’s failure to capitalize on the hopes raised by the ‘Orange Revolution’ has been highlighted by the recent Nato summit in Riga, where it became plain that plans to fast track Ukraine’s NATO membership application have been shelved indefinitely.

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Analysis Brief

Post-Orange Ukraine

Ukraine's Orange Revolution is effectively over, with a pro-Russia prime minister back in power. Yet it is far from clear whether the revolution's undoing will erode pro-democracy gains elsewhere in the post-Soviet space.

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