Opposition Challenges for Chávez

Michael McCarthy interviewed by Aimee Rawlins

Venezuela's National Assembly elections this weekend are a referendum on President Hugo Chávez and a "proxy" for the 2012 presidential elections, says expert Michael McCarthy. They could also bolster opposition movements in countries like Bolivia and Ecuador.

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Venezuela's Oil-Based Economy

Authors: Cesar J. Alvarez and Stephanie Hanson

Venezuela is trying to develop new markets for its oil at a time of increasing friction with its main customer, the United States. But a significant short-term shift in oil relations between Venezuela and the United States is unlikely.

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Must Read

FP: Dumb and Dumber

Author: Andy Webb-Vidal

This Foreign Policy article has an interesting take on Venezuela's President Hugo Chávez, saying he is not a threat for all the obvious reasons but for an overlooked one -- his "dangerous incompetence."

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