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FP: Dumb and Dumber

Author: Andy Webb-Vidal

This Foreign Policy article has an interesting take on Venezuela's President Hugo Chávez, saying he is not a threat for all the obvious reasons but for an overlooked one -- his "dangerous incompetence."

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News Release

United States Should Ignore Hugo Chávez’s “Blustery Rhetoric,” Argues New Council Report

“Chávez’s far worse than his bite,” says a new Council Special Report, which urges U.S. officials to “look beyond his blustery rhetoric…as long as Chávez does not take steps that fundamentally threaten essential U.S. interests in Latin America.” With polls showing Chávez strongly in the lead in the upcoming December 3 Venezuelan presidential election, the United States needs to prepare for another six-year term with the controversial leader.

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Hugo Chavez’s World Tour

Author: Stephanie Hanson

In a recent world tourstops included Belarus, Russia, and IranVenezuelan President Hugo Chavez attempted to expand his influence beyond Latin America and capitalize on the leverage afforded by his oil riches.

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Analysis Brief

U.S. Challenges in South America

Secretary Rice and U.S. public diplomacy chief Karen Hughes travel to South America this week for the inauguration of Chile's first woman president, Michelle Bachelet. The trip could signal a new focus on South America, at a time when a growing number of leftist governments in the region pose questions for U.S. policies there.

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