Analysis Brief

Zimbabwe Waits

Author: Stephanie Hanson

As Zimbabwe holds its breath for presidential election results, some observers worry about a tainted vote and continued economic upheaval.

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Ask CFR Experts

Why aren't the United States and other western countries more involved in Zimbabwe?

Asked by Paidamoyo Chikate, from College of Saint Benedict & Saint John's University

U.S. and Western influence in Zimbabwe is limited compared to the region's powerhouse, South Africa. South Africa is Zimbabwe's largest trading partner, and South Africa's ruling party, the African National Congress, has wide-ranging contacts in Zimbabwean political circles.

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Zimbabwe in Crisis (Audio)

Speakers: Walter H. Kansteiner III and Tom McDonald
Presider: Reed Kramer

Listen to experts detail Zimbabwe's current political and economic situation, and prospects for the country's future in the wake of the Southern African Development Community support for a multibillion-dollar economic recovery plan.

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Council Special Report No. 31

Planning for Post-Mugabe Zimbabwe

Author: Michelle D. Gavin

Since 2000, President Robert Mugabe’s refusal to tolerate challenges to his power has led him to systematically dismantle the workings of Zimbabwe’s economic and political systems, replacing them with structures of corruption, intimidation, and repression. Michelle D. Gavin surveys the current situation in Zimbabwe, identifying current structural and legal impediments to economic and political recovery.

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