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Quiet Revolution: the President's Faith-Based and Community Initiative: A Seven-Year Progress Report

Published February 2008

The Bush Administration produced this analysis of its Faith-Based and Community Initiative (FBCI) in February 2008, seven years after the initiative's inception.

The report discusses ten "signature innovations" advanced by the initiative:

"Leveling the playing field so that faith-based organization could compete for government grants,

Expanding partnership with grassroots organizations,

Implementing the FBCI through cabinet agencies,

Building mutually-reinforcing clusters of service;

Applying the FBCI vision to international aid and development,

Growing key elements of the FBCI in all 50 states,

Building the capacity of nonprofit sector leaders through training andtechnology,

Expanding public-private partnerships,

Forge a united strategy with the president’s call to service,

Catalyze the compassion agenda."

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