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Worldwatch: Biofuels for Transportation

June 7, 2006


This report by Worldwatch Institute discusses the global potential of biofuels for transportation and the implications for sustainable agriculture and energy in the 21st century.


In view of the forecasted shortages and increasing prices of fossil fuels, climate change, and the need for new income and employment opportunities in rural areas, biofuels have taken center stage in policy debates.

The use of biofuels is developing favorably worldwide. Brazil, the United States, many European countries, and a growing number of countries in Southeast Asia are now pinning their hopes on biofuels. Brazil and the United States are the largest producers of ethanol in the world. China, too, has launched a program with a view to using ethanol as a fuel.

What is now needed for targeted global action is a comprehensive account of the global options for the use of liquid biofuels. This concerns not only their technological potential, but also their sustainable economic potential.

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