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Weekly Standard: Don't Link START

Author: Spencer Abraham
December 13, 2010


We need nuclear modernization whether the treaty is ratified or not, explains former United States Secretary of Energy Spencer Abraham in this article for the Weekly Standard.

As the White House endeavors to secure Senate approval of the new START treaty, it is seeking to forge a grand bargain with Senator Jon Kyl: increased funding for the U.S. nuclear weapons enterprise—a long-standing priority of Kyl's—in exchange for ratification. While this might sound like routine Washington bargaining, it would create a linkage that could actually harm U.S. national security interests.

The simple fact is that, quite apart from START, the failure of administrations and Congresses to invest adequately in maintaining our nuclear stockpile has already brought us to a perilous point. In particular, the national weapons laboratories and other infrastructure needed to maintain the safety, reliability, and security of our stockpile and ensure U.S. technological leadership in this pivotal area have been allowed to atrophy.


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