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Morning Update: Clinton on NATO, NAFTA

In a statement Tuesday on this week's NATO summit in Bucharest, Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY) said Albania, Croatia, and Macedonia should be invited to join NATO. She also said a Membership Action...
Primary Sources

UNHCR: Asylum Trends

UN High Commissioner for Refugees produces an Asylum Trends reports, which summarizes patterns in the number of individual asylum claims submitted during the previous year in Europe and selected non-European countries.

Media Conference Call: Farah Pandith on Violent Extremism

by Farah Pandith, Jonathan Masters
Farah Pandith, CFR adjunct senior fellow and the first-ever State Department special representative to Muslim communities, put the January 7, 2015 massacre at the office of satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo in context, explain the appeal of violent Islamic extremism, and offer a long-term strategy to combat extremist ideology.
Task Force Report

Promoting Sustainable Economies in the Balkans

by Michael B.G. Froman with Steven L. Rattner
The conflict in Kosovo, less than four years after the brutal civil war in Bosnia, was a wake-up call to the international community. The West and others had once again underestimated the powerful forces of ethnic hatred and historical grievances in the Balkans. According to this independent Task Force report, economic reconstruction alone will not be sufficient to bring long-term peace and stability to the Balkan region, although raising living standards could foster sustainable economic growth and reduce political tensions.
Task Force Report

Reconstructing the Balkans

by Charles A. Kupchan with The Honorable Morton I. Abramowitz, Albert Fishlow
The last of the six Balkan Wars of the twentieth century is over, but it is by no means certain that a durable peace is at hand. After vast death, destruction, and savagery lasting almost a decade, can the peoples of the former Yugoslavia live together again in peace? If so, the region will require sustained help and support from the West, which is in the midst of mustering the necessary resources and political will. The purpose of this report is to provide a broad political approach and to highlight the three key components of a comprehensive, long-term strategy that focuses on security, continental integration, and economic and political reform.