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Council Special Report

Power-Sharing in Iraq

by David L. Phillips
This report identifies the principle issues to be addressed in Iraq's constitution. It recommends power-sharing arrangements between Iraq's national government and federal Iraqi state governments. It proposes a role for the United States and the United Nations to play in this process, and suggests ways the Iraqi government can encourage cooperation with Iraq's neighbors.
Other Report

Private Capital Flows, Emerging Economies and International Financial Architecture (A CFR Paper)

by Glenn Yago
This report suggests that the control of capital in the developed world continues to shift away from private and state-owned institutions and toward public markets. Thereore, small and medium-sized firms with the best prospects for innovation and income/wealth generation need to be liberated from their dependence upon bank-based financial systems. They must also have the ability to turn to market-based systems with access to institutional capital providers at home and abroad.
Other Report

After Dayton: Lessons of the Bosnian Peace Process

by Ruth Wedgwood
This report provides the record of a detailed assessment of the Bosnian peace process conducted by the Council on Foreign Relations and Yale University. It is a snapshot from Bosnia, which is still an ongoing effort, taken approximately one year into the process. The coincidence of timing gives a useful analogy to Kosovo, where the same splintering of communities has taken place.

CEO Speaker Series: A Conversation with James McNerney Jr.

with Jim McNerney, David G. Bradley
Boeing Chairman, President, and Chief Executive Officer Jim McNerney discusses the involvement of the business community in foreign policy; U.S. global competitiveness and the challenge of balancing fiscal austerity with necessary technology and innovation investment; and Boeing's outlook for the future.The CEO Speaker series is a unique forum for leading global CEOs to share their insights on issues that are at the center of commerce and foreign policy and to speak to the changing role of business in the international community. The series, sponsored by the Corporate Program, is one way that CFR seeks to integrate perspectives from the business community into ongoing dialogues on pressing policy issues, such as the international economic recovery, sustainable growth and job creation, and the expanding reach and impact of technology.
Blog Post

Who Speaks for the People of Cuba?

Last week the Castro brothers announced the name of the man who, they said, will succeed Raul Castro when--or if--he retires at the end of the new five-year term as president to which he has just...