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Policy Innovation Memorandum

Addressing the Risk of a Cuban Oil Spill

by Captain Melissa Bert, USCG, Blake Clayton
As Cuba drills its first offshore oil well, the United States should anticipate the possibility of an oil spill, implementing policies that would help both countries stem and clean up a spill in a way that is minimally disruptive to the United States' Cuba strategy.

HBO History Makers with Thad W. Allen

with Admiral Thad W. Allen, Captain Melissa Bert, USCG
Retired Admiral Thad W. Allen discusses major events, such as Hurricane Katrina, that shaped his experience as admiral of the United States Coast Guard.
Council Special Report

Reform of the International Monetary Fund

by Peter B. Kenen
With IMF Managing Director Rodrigo de Rato resigning in October, a new report analyzes the reform measures that will be bequeathed to Mr. de Rato's successor, and argues that the reform measures deserve the support of the United States, including the U.S. Congress when it is asked to implement some of the key measures.
Task Force Report

Terrorist Financing

by William F. Wechsler, Lee S. Wolosky with Maurice R. Greenberg
After an initially robust attempt to curtail financing for international terrorism, the Bush administration’s current efforts are strategically inadequate to assure the sustained results needed to protect U.S. security. This is the core finding of a bipartisan commission chaired by Maurice R. Greenberg, chairman and chief executive officer of AIG, and directed by two former National Security Council officials who are experts in the field, William F. Wechsler and Lee S. Wolosky.