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Balkans 2010 (A Center for Preventive Action Report)

by Major General William L. Nash with Edward C. Meyer
Despite years of involvement by the United States and its allies, the Balkans region is suffering from economic stagnation and high unemployment; hundreds of thousands of refugees still await resettlement; prominent war criminals remain at large; and political and legal reform is impeded by endemic corruption, organized crime, and in some cases, a lack of political will. Yet after a decade of extensive involvement and peacemaking in the Balkans, the United States and its allies are winding down their commitment to the region. At this critical juncture, warns this independent Task Force report, if the problems besieging the Balkan states are left unresolved, they will lead to serious social and economic instability for southeastern Europe.

Uighurs and China's Xinjiang Region

by Preeti Bhattacharji
As China continues to transform its economy, rising tensions and spates of violence within its primarily Muslim Uighur community is causing regional instability both internally and with Pakistan.