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Blog Post

Lorda's Resistance Army and Elephant Poaching

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moonA reported to the UN Security Council Group of Experts, who monitor the Libyan arms embargo, that Joseph Koney and the Lorda's Resistance Army (LRA) are funding...
Blog Post

Slavery: As Modern as It Is Ancient

This is a guest post by Emily Mellgard, research associate for the Council on Foreign Relations Africa Studies program. The Australia based, Walk Free Foundation on Oct 17 published their first...

Ebola Virus

by Danielle Renwick
The 2014 Ebola outbreak that killed thousands in West Africa has spurred new efforts to improve regional health-care systems and global responses.

Ebola Update

with Helene D. Gayle, Stephen S. Morse, Jordan S. Kassalow
Experts discuss international efforts to combat the Ebola outbreak in West Africa.
Other Report

ROK Green Growth Quarterly Update

by Jill Kosch Oa'Donnell
As South Korea marks the third anniversary of its green growth policy, the country has gained international diplomatic benefits from efforts to promote the policy while domestic implementation of green growth policies has been mixed.

China in Africa

by Christopher Alessi, Beina Xu
China has increased its economic ties with Africa as it seeks to fulfill its growing energy demands. But China's way of doing business has prompted international criticism, even as its policy of noninterference faces new challenges.
Task Force Report

More Than Humanitarianism

by Princeton N. Lyman, J. Stephen Morrison with Anthony Lake, Christine Todd Whitman
This CFR-sponsored Independent Task Force finds that Africa is of growing strategic importance to the United States in addition to being an important humanitarian concern, and finds that critical humanitarian interests would be better served by a more comprehensive U.S. approach toward Africa.