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Matthew Page

International Affairs Fellow

Former deputy national intelligence officer for Africa and longtime Nigeria analyst with the Departments of State and Defense.A  Currently researching and writing on contemporary Nigeria.

Online Debate

The Effectiveness of Foreign Aid

by Steven Radelet, William Easterly with Steven Radelet, William Easterly
Two economists, Steven Radelet of the Center for Global Development and William Easterly of New York University, debate the effectiveness of foreign aid.
Other Report

Climate Change: Debating America's Policy Options

by David G. Victor
Climate change is one of the most complex issues facing policy-makers today. David G. Victor, a leading expert on environmental policy, takes a fresh look at this issue and persuasively marshals arguments for three distinct approaches to combat the problem, casting each as a presidential speech. A must-read for environmentalists, educators, and anyone else interested in the issue, Climate Change is a most useful reference in the growing public debate about how best to meet this environmental challenge.

The Rise of Islamic Finance

by Mohammed Aly Sergie
After growing to a $1 trillion asset class in Muslim countries, Islamic finance is poised for an era of globalization.
Council Special Report

Partners in Preventive Action

by Paul B. Stares, Micah Zenko
In this globalized world, countries will need to cooperate on policies that extend across borders to address issues that affect them all, including conflict prevention and peacemaking. The authors of this report assess the strengths and weaknesses of international institutions and provide a set of practical recommendations for how the United States can strengthen the global architecture for preventive action by partnering with those organizations.

Fatou Bensouda on the International Criminal Court and Gender-Based Crimes

with Fatou Bensouda, David J. Scheffer
Fatou Bensouda, prosecutor at the International Criminal Court (ICC), joins David J. Scheffer, the secretary-general's special expert on UN assistance to the Khmer Rouge trials at the United Nations, to discuss the ICCa's policy and protocol in investigating and prosecuting sexual and gender-based crimes.