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Joshua Kurlantzick

Senior Fellow for Southeast Asia

Former foreign correspondent and journalist covering Southeast Asia. Current research focuses on reinvigorating U.S. policy toward Southeast Asia; China's strategy toward Southeast Asia; Myanmar's transformation; and the growth of state capitalism, particularly in Asia. Author of Charm Offensive: How China's Soft Power is Transforming the World and Democracy in Retreat, and of numerous articles and briefs on Southeast Asia, China, and democratization in the developing world. Author of a forthcoming book on the growth of state capitalism.

Contingency Planning Memorandum

A China-Vietnam Military Clash

by Joshua Kurlantzick
The risk of a military confrontation between China and Vietnam is rising, as both countries vie for influence in Southeast Asia and claim disputed areas of the South China Sea. Joshua Kurlantzick explains howA the United States should seek to defuse tensions and help avert a serious crisis.

Is Kobani the New Khe Sanh?

by Max Boot
The Obama administration will be tempted to take a victory lap because of recent news that Kurdish militiamen have regained control of Kobani, a Syrian town near the border with Turkey. ISIS forces that had been attacking it for months have melted away. This is, to be sure, a nice achievement, but its wider significance is limited.
Primary Sources

Articles of Agreement of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB)

Finance ministers from fifty-seven countries met in Beijing in October 2014 and signed a memorandum to establish the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), which will focus on funding infrastructure to boost economic development in the Asia Pacific region. The Articles of Agreement were opened for signature on June 29, 2015 and must be ratifed domestically by December 31, 2016.
Other Report

The Pivot in Southeast Asia: Balancing Interests and Values

by Joshua Kurlantzick
Joshua Kurlantzick analyzes the effects of the Obama administration's pivot on Southeast Asia and its relation to the region's democratic regression. Kurlantzick recommends that theA United States prioritize the countries of peninsular Southeast Asia and restore the emphasis on democracy and human rights in the region.
Other Report

Southeast Asia's Regression From Democracy and Its Implications

by Joshua Kurlantzick
Senior Fellow for Southeast Asia Joshua Kurlantzick details the region's startling democratic regression, assesses the reasons behind this recent stagnation, examines the role of the United States, and offers recommendations for policy options to help support the foundations of democracy in Southeast Asia.