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Do No Harm: The Global Health Challenge

with Laurie Garrett, Gideon Rose
A discussion of Garrett’s newest Foreign Affairs article:A flood of public and private money has started to flow to the developing world, funding a vast array of efforts to combat AIDS, TB, malaria, and other killer diseases. Unfortunately, writes Garrett, much of that “is leaking away without result,” doing little to improve basic public health on the ground.
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Africa-China-U.S. Trilateral Dialogue

Over the course of thirteen months, delegates from Africa, China, and the United States met three times in an effort to identify strategies of cooperation among their respective nations with the goal of accelerating economic development in Africa. This overview describes why the trilateral dialogue was established, how it was implemented, and what it achieved.

South Africa in Retrospect

by Princeton N. Lyman
Note: Remarks as prepared for deliveryPaper for presentation to the Conference “Africa and Prospects for Hope,” University of Oklahoma, International Programs Center.