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Project Syndicate: Summit of Muted Intentions

by Jorge G. Castaneda
Jorge G. Castaneda, former foreign minister of Mexico and a professor of politics and Latin American studies, says Cuba and drugs will be the main topics of discussion at the upcoming Summit of the Americas.

Europe's Migration Crisis

by Jeanne Park
A continuing surge of migrants from North Africa and the Middle East poses mounting challenges for European authorities ahead of this spring's elections.
Foreign Affairs Article

Biology's Brave New World

by Laurie Garrett
All the key barriers to the artificial synthesis of viruses and bacteria have been overcome, spawning a dizzying array of perils and promises. But as the scientific community forges ahead, the biosecurity establishment remains behind the curve.
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H5N1: A Case Study for Dual-Use Research

by Gigi K. Gronvall
In this Working Paper, the author examines the controversy surrounding the publication of two H5N1 flu–transmission studies and offers lessons learned for future dual-use research.
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The Global Oceans Regime

A broad-sweeping look at international efforts to protect the health of the world's oceans and ensure freedom of movement across them. This is part of the Global Governance Monitor, an interactive feature tracking multilateral approaches to several global challenges.