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Blog Post

Latin America's Economic Outlook

The recent IMF economic outlook report entitled, "The Western Hemisphere: Rebuilding Strength and Flexibility," is overall quite bullish on the region. Fueled by favorable commodity prices and...

Venezuela's Economic Fractures

by Brianna Lee, Danielle Renwick
Months after protests rocked Caracas, plummeting oil prices now add to Venezuela's economic woes. The sharp reduction in oil revenue, paired with double-digit inflation, has sparked fears of a default.
Task Force Report

A Letter to the President and a Memorandum on U.S. Policy Toward Brazil

by Kenneth R. Maxwell with Stephen Robert
Latin America in general—and Brazil in particular—is coming to the forefront of U.S. policy challenges. In response to this situation, this blue-ribbon independent Task Force sponsored by the Council on Foreign Relations offers two recommendations: first, that the United States needs a focal point to its policy in South America and that Brazil become that focal point; and second, that President Bush move swiftly to establish a standing, high-level dialogue with Brazil on key issues ranging from drugs to trade, democratization, and combating terrorism and trans-regional crime.
Contingency Planning Memorandum

Political Unrest in Venezuela

by Patrick Duddy
In Venezuela's upcoming elections, President Hugo Chavez—suffering from poor health—faces his strongest challenger yet. Former ambassador Patrick D. Duddy argues that the United States should prepare for political unrest.
Other Report

The Global Green Growth Institute: On a Mission to Prove Green Growth

by Jill Kosch O'Donnell
Based on the premise that economic development and environmental protection can be complementary goals, the Global Green Growth Initiative provides technical and policy advice to developing countries. The program faces many challenges, but if successful, it may revolutionize the field of development.