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Task Force Report

Enhancing U.S. Leadership at the United Nations

by Adrian Karatnycky, Lee Feinstein with Lee H. Hamilton, David Dreier
U.S. influence at the United Nations is low but can be improved, concludes this report of a bipartisan Task Force led by two highly regarded foreign policy experts, Republican Representative David Dreier and former Democratic Representative Lee Hamilton. It calls for a new strategy—building a democratic coalition of UN members—to better advance American interests and values with three key goals in mind: supporting democracy and democratic principles throughout the world; advancing human rights; and fighting terrorism.
Task Force Report

Threats to Democracy

by Morton H. Halperin, Elizabeth Frawley Bagley with Madeleine K. Albright, Bronislaw Geremek
Democratic governments, international organizations, and nongovernmental organizations have responded poorly and often at cross purposes when democracies are threatened by coups or erosions of the democratic process, concludes an independent Task Force led by two of the worlda's leading pro-democracy advocates, former Secretary of State Madeleine K. Albright and former Foreign Minister of Poland Bronislaw Geremek. Yet support for democracy is consistent not only with the ideals of the worlda's democracies but also with their interests and security. Democratic states are a€œless likely to breed terrorists or to be state sponsors of terrorism,a€ the report concludes, and more likely to be a€œactive participants in the global economy.a€
Other Report

The Regulation of GMOs in Europe and the United States: A Case-Study of Contemporary European Regulatory Politics

by Diahanna Lynch, David Vogel
This paper seeks to place the divergent approaches of the European Union and United States toward the introduction and marketing of genetically modified (GM) foods and seeds in a broader context. It argues that an important key to understanding why Europe and the United States have chosen to regulate identical technologies in such a dissimilar fashion has to do with recent changes in politics of risk regulation in Europe.

Beating the Resource Curse in Africa: A Global Effort

by Terra Lawson-Remer, Joshua Greenstein
Terra Lawson-Remer and Joshua Greenstein say, "Many resource-rich African countries make poor use of their wealth... Instead of creating prosperity, resources have too often fostered corruption, undermined inclusive economic growth, incited armed conflict and damaged the environment."

Makovsky: Time is Right for Israeli-Arab Negotiations

by David Makovsky, Bernard Gwertzman
David Makovsky, an expert on Middle East diplomacy, says Israel’s Prime Minister reacted positively to the recent Riyadh Arab League declaration and is interested in negotiating with Saudi Arabia.