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Senegal vs. Iran?

One of the oddest news stories of the week reported that: Senegal will send 2,100 troops to Saudi Arabia as part of an international coalition combating Houthi rebels in neighbouring Yemen, the...
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Senegal Elections: A First Take

Preliminary reports from Senegal are that Sunday's polling and subsequent ballot counting has gone well, though Western media concentrates on Dakar and other large cities. Nevertheless, an...
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Bravo Senegal!

Yesterday Senegal went to the polls and struck a powerful blow on behalf of democracy in Africa and in the Islamic world. President Abdoulaye Wade has held power for twelve years, and changed...
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Senegal's Elections are Good News

A week following the dark news of a military coup in Mali, Senegal's presidential runoff is profoundly encouraging for African democrats. Incumbent president Abdoulaye Wade has conceded to, and...
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President Obama in Africa: Senegal

Senegal has never had a military coup, and the opposition won last yeara's presidential election. It is also a predominately Muslim nation. President Obama arrived in Senegal the evening of June...
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Unrest in Senegal

Kate Collins, a special assistant here at CFR, has written about the recent unrest in Senegal. Initially, protests were sparked on June 23 by octogenarianA president Abdoulaye Wadea's attempt...
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Senegal's Presidential Runoff

In a previous blog, I stated that the date of Senegal's presidential runoff would be Sunday, March 18. This is only partially incorrect; civilians will vote on March 25. But President Wade...
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Standing Up to...Senegal

In today's Washington Post, Fred Hiatt notes that Vice President Biden chose not to mention human rights matters when he faced the press alongside the Chinese leader Xi Jinping this week. Hiatt's...