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Foreign Affairs Article

Africa's Turn

by Stuart Reid
Since it gained independence from France in 1960, the West African country of Senegal has been a bastion of stability and democracy on a continent that has seen relatively little of either.
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White House Factsheet on Equal Futures Partnership

On September 24, 2012, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton launched the Equal Futures Partnership of the United States, along with twelve other founding members (Australia, Benin, Bangladesh, Denmark, Finland, Indonesia, Jordan, the Netherlands, Peru, Senegal, and Tunisia; as well as the European Union). The program seeks to break down barriers to women's political and economic participation.

The World Next Week: March 22, 2012

with James M. Lindsay, Robert McMahon
A preview of world events in the coming week from The Arab League summit convenes in Baghdad; Obama attends a nuclear summit and visits the Demilitarized Zone during his South Korea trip; a presidential runoff election takes place in Senegal; and the Pope goes to Cuba.

Media Conference Call: Laurie Garrett on Ebola

with Laurie Garrett, Thomas E. Novotny
Laurie Garrett, CFR's senior fellow for global health, discusses the recent arrival of a traveler infected with Ebola in the United States, as well as the virus' rapid spread throughout West Africa.

Ebola Virus

by Danielle Renwick
The 2014 Ebola outbreak that killed thousands in West Africa has spurred new efforts to improve regional health-care systems and global responses.
Council of Councils Global Memos

Ebola and Cultures of Engagement: Chinese Versus Western Health Diplomacy

The Ebola outbreak in West Africa has killed more than 3,000 people, highlighting the ineffectiveness of existing health institutions in Africa. This brief considers Western and Chinese approaches to the Ebola outbreak as well as their long-term health diplomacy strategies, while considering how these contrasts reflect the differences in Western and Chinese diplomatic engagement on the continent more generally. Considering the merits and gaps of both horizontal and vertical healthcare approaches, Erica Penfold and Pieter Fourie argue that international health diplomacy should place greater emphasis on building horizontal, integrated healthcare systems to avoid similar pandemics.
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Remarks by President Obama to the People of Africa

with Barack Obama
President Barack Obama spoke at the African Union headquarters inA Addis Ababa on July 28, 2015. He discussed the ten year renewal of the African Growth and Opportunity Act and additional reforms and other assistance the United States and African leaders work on to increase trade, investment, and growth on the continent. He also addressed the need for presidents to respect term limits and transfer power peacefully and for nations to provide equal treatment for women and girls.