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Charter 77 Declaration

The Charter 77  declaration and petition appeared in western Europe in January 1977; it was a human rights document authored by a group of Czechoslovakians that spawned a movement later known as Charter 77. The document cits Czechoslovakian government's violations of human rights based on the country's Constitution and international treaties to which it had signed. Some founding members of Charter 77 were involved in the transition from Communist to democratic rule in 1989.

Is Iraq Headed for Civil War?

by Jane Arraf, Bernard Gwertzman
Many Iraqis fear their country is sliding toward a wider sectarian war, pitting the Shiite majority against Sunni forces led by jihadi fighters, says expert Jane Arraf.
Other Report

A New Reality for the European Union

by Katinka Barysch
This essay analyzes recent political and economic trends in Europe, as European Union member states--and Germany in particular--deprioritize the goal of integration.

Toward an Understanding of Russia

by Janusz Bugajski, Marek Michalewski
If Russia veers toward instability or a more severe dictatorship under President Vladimir Putin, the threat to its neighbors could be severe. Such a scenario would also present serious challenges for European integration and derail the process of Russian rapprochement with the United States.