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Katanga's Quest for Autonomy from Kinshasa

Africa has had many secessionist movements in the post-colonial period. Only South Sudan and the Republic of Somaliland have so far been successful, and the latter lacks international...

Somalia's Second Chance: [Rush Transcript; Federal News Service]

with Vicki Huddleston, Terence Lyons, Tom McDonald
Terence Lyons, Associate Professor of Conflict Resolution at George Mason University, and Vicki Huddleston, Former Charge D'Affaires at the U.S. Embassy in Ethiopia, discuss the potential for Somalia to successfully establish a viable government.
Analysis Brief

Morass in Somalia Deepens

by Stephanie Hanson
Ethiopian troops appear to have won a military victory over Somalia's Islamic Courts militias, who fled Mogadishu Thursday. Their exit leaves a power vacuum in Somalia, and the United States’ focus on counterterrorism in the Horn of Africa may hinder its ability to defuse the crisis.
Council Special Report


by Bronwyn E. Bruton
Failed states provide fertile ground for terrorism, drug trafficking, and a host of other ills that threaten to spill beyond their borders. Somalia is thus a problem not just for Somalis but for the United States and the world. Bronwyn E. Bruton takes on one of today's most vexing foreign policy challenges, offering concise analysis and thoughtful recommendations grounded in a realistic assessment of U.S. and international interests and capabilities in Somalia.

Somalia's High Stakes Power Struggle

by Eben Kaplan
A group of Islamist courts have seized power across much of Somalia. Many outside observers are anxiously watching—and interfering—as the power struggle plays out between the Islamists and the official government.

Somalia's Terrorist Infestation

by Eben Kaplan
The United States lists Somalia as a haven for terrorists, and indeed, evidence suggests terrorists are using the fractured state as an operational hub. Yet Somalia's current links to terrorism are tiny in comparison to the potential problem the country poses.
Must Read

CRS Report: Somalia

by Ted Dagne
A Congressional Research Service (CRS) Report for Congress (PDF)entitled "Somalia: Current Conditions and Prospects for a Lasting Peace."

Combating Maritime Piracy

by Stephanie Hanson, Christopher Alessi
A surge in pirate attacks off the Somali coast in recent years has prompted the deployment of an international coalition of navies. But experts say that military force alone cannot address the underlying issue of failed Somali governance.