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Restructuring Euro Debt and Latin Lessons

by William R. Cline, Christopher Alessi
Greece's new prime minister is seeking crucial parliamentary support for an EU bailout package that will require restructuring its sovereign debt. Economist William Cline says Uruguay's 2003 default offers a constructive model.
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General Agreement on Trade in Services

Regarding the General Agreement on Trade in Services, the WTO states, a€œThe creation of the GATS was one of the landmark achievements of the Uruguay Round, whose results entered into force in January 1995. The GATS was inspired by essentially the same objectives as its counterpart in merchandise trade, the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT): creating a credible and reliable system of international trade rules; ensuring fair and equitable treatment of all participants (principle of non-discrimination); stimulating economic activity through guaranteed policy bindings; and promoting trade and development through progressive liberalization.a€

The World Next Week: December 15, 2011

by Hagit Ariav with James M. Lindsay, Robert McMahon
A preview of world events in the coming week from the Arab Spring's one year anniversary is marked; the U.S. Senate must pass a funding bill or face a government shutdown; and the Mercosur summit convenes in Uruguay.

Shannon K. O'Neil

Nelson and David Rockefeller Senior Fellow for Latin America Studies and Director of the Civil Society, Markets, and Democracy Program

Former assistant professor of political science at Columbia University. Author of Two Nations Indivisible: Mexico, the United States, and the Road Ahead. Expertise includes U.S.-Latin American relations, North America, energy policy, trade, political and economic reforms, immigration, and security.


The Future of U.S. Trade Policy

by James McBride
The United States is currently pursuing two of the largest trade deals in history, one with Asia and the other with the European Union, but concerns persist over the effects of trade on employment, inequality, national sovereignty, and safety standards.
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UN General Assembly: Declaration of Leaders' Summit on Peacekeeping

On September 28, 2015, the UN Peacekeeping Summit met during the UN General Assembly. U.S. President Barack Obama spoke and announced new presidential guidance to expand U.S. support in UN peacekeeping. The summit also affirmed the recommendations of the High Level Independent Panel on Peace Operations from September 11, 2015, which includes addressing sexual abuse of civilians by peacekeeping personnel.