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Task Force Report

North America

by Shannon K. O'Neil with David H. Petraeus, Robert B. Zoellick
This CFR-sponsored Independent Task Force report, North America: Time for a New Focus, asserts that elevating and prioritizing the U.S.-Canada-Mexico relationship offers the best opportunity for strengthening the United States and its place in the world.

Examining Obama's Pipeline Decision

by Michael A. Levi, Toni Johnson
The Keystone XL pipeline debate shows the pitfalls of politics intruding on energy policy, says CFR's Michael Levi. He reviews the pros and cons of the issue and proposes additional steps to bolster U.S. energy security.

The Global Energy Landscape

with Carlos B. Pascual, Daniel H. Yergin, Ed Crooks, Robert E. Rubin
Experts discuss the energy demands of emerging economies, as well as the stability of oil supply.This meeting is the first in a series of global partnership meetings with theFinancial Times.
Council Special Report

The Canadian Oil Sands

by Michael A. Levi
The Canadian oil sands present an important challenge to policymakers: they promise energy security benefits but present climate change problems. Michael A. Levi assesses the energy security and climate change effects of the oil sands and makes recommendations for U.S. policymakers within the context of broader bilateral relations with Canada.
Blog Post

Morning Brief: Pushing Free Trade Policy

U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk said that it has become increasingly difficult to sell Americans on the merits of free trade in the current economic climate. "Frankly, more and more Americans...