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CRS Report: Somalia

Author: Ted Dagne
March 12, 2007


A Congressional Research Service (CRS) Report for Congress (PDF) entitled "Somalia: Current Conditions and Prospects for a Lasting Peace."

Excerpt: "At the African Union Summit in late January 2007, several African countries pledged to contribute troops for a peacekeeping mission in Somalia. As of late January 2007, Ghana, Nigeria, Burundi, Uganda, and Malawi have pledged troops. Ethiopian troops began to pull out of Somalia in late January. Prime Minister Meles Zenawi stated that Ethiopia has accomplished its military mission. The challenges facing the proposed peacekeeping mission include funding the mission, which is
expected to cost an estimated $160 million for the first six months, and maintaining order in a country where many armed groups remain. The African Union is also facing difficulties getting governments to make serious troop contributions for the mission. Observers contend that without a negotiated settlement with groups still outside the TFG, it will be difficult to maintain peace and stability in Somalia."

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