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Do No Harm: The Global Health Challenge

Speaker: Laurie Garrett
Presider: Gideon Rose

A discussion of Garrett’s newest Foreign Affairs article:

A flood of public and private money has started to flow to the developing world, funding a vast array of efforts to combat AIDS, TB, malaria, and other killer diseases. Unfortunately, writes Garrett, much of that “is leaking away without result,” doing little to improve basic public health on the ground.

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Rose: Global Affairs in 2006

Foreign Affairs Managing Editor Gideon Rose discusses the international issues that most concerned the U.S. public in 2006, predicting hesitancy over future interventionism but a heightened interest in global affairs that will bar American isolationism.

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HBO History Makers Series: Samuel Berger, former National Security Adviser [Rush Transcript; Federal News Service, Inc.]

Speaker: Samuel R. Berger
Presider: Gideon Rose

Samuel Berger talks about his years in the Clinton administration and the foreign policy challenges that he encountered, including humanitarian intervention, the threat of terrorism, North Korea, and the Middle East peace process.

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