Arthur C. Helton

Arthur C. Helton


Human rights; refugee and asylum policy; complex emergencies; humanitarianism; immigration; crisis prevention; international law and organizations.


Founded and directed the Forced Migration Projects at the Open Society Institute in New York (1994-99); directed the Refugee Project of the Lawyers Committee for Human Rights (1982-94); Adjunct Professor, Columbia University Law School (2001-present); Visiting Professor, International Relations and European Studies Program, Central European University (1997-2000); Adjunct Professor, New York University School of Law (1986-99).


Distinction in international law and affairs by the New York State Bar Association; Immigration and Refugee Policy Award by the Center for Migration Studies; The President of the Republic of the Philippines' Ninoy Aquino Refugee Recognition Award; and the NYU Law Alumni Association's Public Interest Award.

Selected Publications:

Has written over 80 scholarly articles and contributed to several books concerning refugees and the displaced, including most recently "Rescuing the Refugees" in Foreign Affairs (March/April 2002). Has published opinion pieces and letters to the editor in several major newspapers including "Refugees in Europe", The New York Times, June 5, 2002 (letter). He recently authored The Price of Indifference: Refugees and Humanitarian Action in the New Century, (Oxford University Press, 2002).


J.D., New York University School of Law;

A.B., Columbia College.

Past Research Project