Dominic Bocci

Deputy Director, Studies Grant Management

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Selected Publications:

“The U.S. Media’s Damaging Assumptions about LGBT-Issues in the Middle East”,, December 15, 2014

“Gay Rights and The Internet in Asia: One More Part of the Pivot”, Asia Unbound,, October 10, 2013

“Gay Marriage and Goodluck Jonathan’s Tricky Position”, Africa in Transition,, June 17, 2013



Quantifying the Effects of Homophobia

Author: Dominic Bocci
The Advocate
Recent academic studies are using new sources and methodologies to push past moral arguments about homosexuality to show that forms of structural stigma — antigay cultural norms and laws that target sexual minorities — may have widespread, systemic effects on society that aren't always apparent at first glance. These studies show that homophobia may significantly stunt economic growth, and may even be harmful to your health.

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The Changing Face of Diplomacy

Author: Dominic Bocci
The Advocate
Not so long ago the idea of a gay person representing the United States in embassies abroad was unimaginable. Oh, how times have changed. Whether by inspiring young U.S. foreign service officers or by promoting human rights through their diplomatic efforts abroad, openly gay U.S. ambassadors are adding a new aspect of diversity to the face of the U.S. diplomatic corps.

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