Amelia Wolf

Research Associate, Center for Preventive Action and International Institutions and Global Governance

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What’s Next for the U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit?

Author: Amelia Wolf
Defense One

The U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit shifted the U.S. perception of how it engages with Africa, but was missing a vital component to success—human rights. Amelia M. Wolf argues that if the Obama administration wants to be "central" to development of Africa, as it has claimed, it must support the development of institutions for justice and the rule of law in collaboration with African states, and now is the perfect opportunity to do so.

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Our Military, Ourselves

Authors: Micah Zenko and Amelia Wolf

Micah Zenko and research associate Amelia Wolf shed light on the societal problem of sexual assault. They state that recent attention has focused solely on the issue within military culture, thereby ignoring the root causes and realities of sexual assault in America.