Naomi Egel

Research Associate, International Institutions and Global Governance

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The Nuclear Security Summits: Welcoming Strangers Bearing GiftsThe Internationalist,, April 15, 2016

International Cooperation: Still Alive and KickingThe Internationalist,, June 25, 2015

The Arms Trade Treaty: Time to Celebrate?The Internationalist,, December 29, 2014





A Constructive Ban-the-Bomb Movement

Authors: Adam Mount and Naomi Egel
Bulletin of Atomic Scientists

On Monday, diplomats will gather in New York for a conference to review the Nonproliferation Treaty (NPT). Held once every five years, the Review Conference is an opportunity to assess progress on the treaty’s basic bargain: States without nuclear weapons promise not to build them if the five nuclear states promise to get rid of theirs. This conference comes at a critical time. For 70 years, the nonproliferation regime has limited the spread of nuclear weapons. Today, it is marked by deep discord.

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