Megan Roberts

Associate Director, International Institutions and Global Governance

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UN Peacekeeping in South Sudan: A Kiwi Comes to Juba,” The Internationalist,, January 5, 2017

The UN’s Ninth Secretary-General is António Guterres,” The Internationalist,, October 13, 2016

UN Peacekeeping: Challenges Loom Ahead of London Summit The Internationalist,, September 6, 2016




Prevention Could Be Cure for a UN in Flux

Author: Megan Roberts
Global Observatory

In selecting António Guterres as the UN’s ninth secretary-general, member states endorsed a plan to breathe new life into the institution by refocusing its work on conflict prevention. Now in office, the question is whether they will work with him to do so, writes Megan Roberts in the International Peace Institute’s Global Observatory

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Why the State of the World Is Better Than You Think

Authors: Stewart M. Patrick and Megan Roberts
World Politics Review

Given global headlines, observers might think the world is terribly off course, from geopolitical rivalries to Middle East mayhem. This noisy, negative narrative is not all wrong, but it has drowned out more positive developments in dealing with difficult global problems, from climate change to nonproliferation, write Stewart Patrick and Megan Roberts in World Politics Review.

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