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C. Peter McColough Series on International Economics: The Global Financial Crisis: Causes and Consequences (Audio)

Speaker: Alan Greenspan
Presider: Peter G. Peterson

Listen to Alan Greenspan, president of Greenspan Associates LLC and former chairman of the Federal Reserve Board, outline the causes of the financial crisis and what the outcomes have been, including large fiscal deficits and new financial reforms.

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Task Force Report No. 25

Safeguarding Prosperity in a Global Financial System

The international community will not make real headway in crisis prevention if private creditors—and particularly large commercial banks—can escape from bad loans to emerging economies at relatively low cost, according to this independent Task Force report. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) should therefore return to smaller rescue packages for country crises that do not threaten the performance of the global financial system. In extreme cases, the IMF should also require as a condition for its own emergency assistance that debtors be engaged in serious and fair discussions on debt rescheduling with their private creditors.

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