Thomas R. Pickering

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Fixing the Crisis in Diplomatic Readiness (Audio)

Speakers: Gordon M. Adams, Thomas D. Boyatt, Ronald E. Neumann, and Thomas R. Pickering
Presider: Richard N. Gardner

Listen to experts review the findings of the recent report from the American Academy of Diplomacy and the Stimson Center, "A Foreign Affairs Budget for the Future: Fixing the Crisis in Diplomatic Readiness," including recommendations to increase personnel and foreign aid.

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Task Force Report No. 43C

Iraq: One Year After

Written a year after U.S. and coalition forces went to war with Iraq, a time when American officials faced questions about U.S. staying power, this timely report strongly urges President Bush and senior members of Congress to reaffirm the U.S. commitment to Iraq.

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Task Force Report No. 43B

Iraq: The Day After

With mounting costs to American lives and treasure in Iraq, and success there so clearly tied to American staying power and the coherence of U.S. strategy, the Bush administration must sharpen and deepen its commitment to making Iraq a better and safer place. As a first step, the authors argue that the president should set the direction for his administration by making a major foreign policy address to the nation, explaining the importance of seeing the task through, as well as the costs and risks of U.S. engagement in postwar Iraq.

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Task Force Report No. 43

Iraq: The Day After

Written before the U.S. invasion of Iraq, this report accurately predicted that winning the peace in Iraq would be a far greater challenge than winning the war. The report says that this challenge falls largely on President Bush, who must make clear to the world that the United States is prepared to stay the course for the multibillion-dollar, multiyear commitment of U.S. troops, civilian personnel, and other resources that will be needed to achieve a lasting peace.

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