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President, Charney Research

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Indonesia Update (Audio)

Speakers: Craig Charney, Wayne Forrest, and R.M. Marty Natalegawa
Presider: Calvin Sims

Listen to experts discuss issues related to the state of democracy in Indonesia, including the legacy of Suharto in light of his recent passing and the role of religion in Indonesian society.

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Teaching Module

Teaching Module: A New Beginning: Strategies for a More Fruitful Dialogue with the Muslim World

Author: Craig Charney

The issue of anti-Americanism in the Muslim world offers an ideal case study of the issue of “soft power.”  This involves the aspects of international relations and foreign policy that focus on leadership through prestige, persuasion, and cultural and economic power, rather than hard power, the “bombs and rockets” that make up much of the traditional introductory international relations course or specialized course on US foreign policy. 

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Council Special Report No. 7

A New Beginning

Authors: Craig Charney and Nicole Yakatan

The United States can improve its image in the Muslim world. Focus group research in three key Islamic countries--Egypt, Morocco, and Indonesia--shows that the widely held view that nothing can be done about the spread of negative attitudes toward the United States among Muslims in the Middle East and Asia is incorrect. The key to a new dialogue with the Muslim world is a humbler American perspective, based on respectful partnership and agreeing to disagree when necessary.

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