W. Thomas Davey III


Contact Info:

Phone: 212-434-9523
E-mail: tdavey@cfr.org


New York, NY

Tom Davey directs the CFR Web Management and Development Department, which operates www.cfr.org, www.foreignaffairs.org, and other CFR Web properties.

Tom began creating e-marketing content on the newly commercialized World Wide Web in 1995. He worked in California’s Silicon Valley to help build innovative business-to-business sites for firms like Cisco Systems and 3Com Corporation. He later moved into website management with positions at venture-funded firms Linuxcare and Juice Software.

Prior to the start of the 90's tech boom Tom studied for the English Ph.D. at UCLA. His theoretical work centered on what the discipline grandly called "post-print culture," i.e., the cultural implications of digital reading and writing technologies, particularly hypertext.

Tom joined the Council on Foreign Relations in February 2003. More at www.tomdavey.com.