Assessing U.S. Policy Options in Syria

A Conversation with Representative Adam Smith on Syria

Adam Smith Ranking Member, House Armed Services Committee (D-WA)
Jackson Diehl Deputy Editorial Page Editor, Washington Post

Adam Smith discusses the current situation in Syria and U.S. policy options moving forward.

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Slaughter: U.S. Not in Position to Use Force in Syria

Anne-Marie Slaughter, Former Director of Policy Planning at the U.S. State Department discusses the actions taken by international actors in Libya, and why the same measures cannot be taken in Syria. Slaughter called the situation in Syria "heartbreaking" and said "it looks like in many ways it looks like this government might get away with the same kind of brutality that we saw 20 years ago." However, she argued that while the U.S. is doing everything in its power diplomatically, it is not in a position to use force in Syria.

Media Call on Syria with Richard N. Haass

CFR President Richard N. Haass discusses U.S. interests and options amidst reports of chemical weapons used by the regime of Syrian president Bashar al-Assad.

Syria & U.S.-Russian Relations: Three Things to Know

U.S.-Russian disagreement over how to respond to the conflict in Syria is spurring further deterioration in the relationship between Moscow and Washington, says CFR's Stephen Sestanovich.

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