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Syria: The Alternatives Narrow

Author: Elliott Abrams, Senior Fellow for Middle Eastern Studies
February 7, 2012
National Review


What should the United States do when a vicious enemy is on the ropes, defended only by a core of murderous loyalists plus regimes that are themselves hostile to the United States?

If you answered "Nothing," you fail the course. If you answered "make more speeches," you too get an F.

The case in question is Syria. There, an enemy regime faces hatred and opposition from the vast majority of citizens. The Assad clan made a specialty of helping kill Americans in Iraq, while also threatening and often murdering any Lebanese leader who objected to Syrian domination. It is Iran's only Arab ally, and the armorer of Hezbollah. It is the only real Arab friend left for Putin's Russia. There can be no doubt that the demise of the Assad regime is good for the United States and bad for our enemies.

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