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UNSC: Russia and China Veto Resolution on Syria

Author: United Nations Security Council
October 4, 2011


The Security Council failed to adopt a resolution condemning human rights violations in Syria, owing to a veto by Russia and China.

The Security Council this afternoon failed to adopt a resolution that would have condemned “grave and systematic human rights violations” in Syria, and would have warned of options for action to be considered against the Government of President Bashar al-Assad if the unfolding situation warranted, including measures under the section of the United Nations Charter that allowed sanctions.

The text, which was defeated due to the negative votes of two permanent Council members (China, Russian Federation), drew 9 votes in favour with 4 abstentions (Brazil, India, Lebanon, South Africa).  It would have demanded an immediate end to violence and urged all sides to reject extremism, expressing “profound regret at the deaths of thousands of people including women and children”.


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