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Center for Strategy and Technology: Air Force and the Cyberspace Mission

Author: Shane P. Courville
December 2007


In November 2005, the Secretary of the Air Force Michael W. Wynne and Air Force Chief of Staff General T. Michael Moseley wrote a joint letter to all airmen of the Air Force, which defined a new mission statement which included the concept of cyberspace. Cyberspace was defined as including network security, data transmission and the sharing of information.

Although the Air Force and the Department of Defense (DOD) in general, have numerous safeguards in effect to protect systems and their networks, DOD relies on a system that is passive when encountering cyber threats. This paper recommends the Air Force pursue research in quantum encryption and security, and continue to examine computer security techniques for the mid-term and beyond. The Air Force should continue future planning efforts to anticipate and develop countermeasures to emerging threats in order to proactively protect and dominate the cyberspace domain of the future.

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