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Levi: On Nuclear Terrorism

Author: Michael A. Levi
December 5, 2007

CFR Fellow for Science and Technology Michael A. Levi has just published a new book, On Nuclear Terrorism. He says that a number of logistical and technological barriers continue to hinder the ability of terrorists to mount a nuclear attack. Contrary to the popular notion that "the instructions are on the Internet," Levi explains the level of worksmanship required to assemble a nuclear device is still prohibitive.

Levi also talks about the process he used to self censor his writing in an effort to prevent his work from becoming a guide for would-be terrorists. Though he found many of his colleagues in the field have felt a similar need for caution, the issue deserves a more thorough examination.

Finally, Levi offers some advice for the next president, calling for improved intelligence and a identifying the need for more coordination in the system of U.S. defenses.

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