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Naccara: Layers of Security Protect U.S. Airports

Interviewee: George Naccara
Interviewer: Eben Kaplan
May 24, 2007

George Naccara, director of security at Boston's Logan Airport, says American airports face a vast array of threats. In order to keep passengers safe, Naccara and his colleagues rely upon “layers” of security, a combination of practices that together address an airport's various vulnerabilities.

One of these layers is a behavior detection program in which trained officers single out passengers showing abnormal signs of stress and deception. Naccara calls the program “flexible and adaptable” and says it has proven “very effective.”

According to Naccara, Logan Airport takes an unusually integrated approach to security. Every airport employee undergoes special training to help them identify and report suspicious behavior. In addition, Naccara holds daily meetings with representatives of all companies, departments, and security agencies represented at the airport to evaluate their performance and plan for the challenges ahead.

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