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Issue Guide: Osama bin Laden's Death

Author: Toni Johnson
Updated: May 5, 2011


Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden's death on May 1, 2011, in a U.S. special forces raid on his compound in Pakistan is a milestone in U.S. efforts to combat international terrorism and find closure a decade after the September 11, 2001, terror attacks. But his death also raises questions about the future of the war on terror, U.S.-Pakistan relations, the war in Afghanistan, and the Arab democracy movement.

War on Terror

First Take: Richard N. Haass: Terrorism Concerns After bin Laden
First Take: John Bellinger: Bin Laden Killing: The Legal Basis
Op-Ed: Mohamad Bazzi: Brand al-Qaeda Cannot Be Easily Killed
Op-Ed: James M. Lindsay: Seven Questions on the Death of bin Laden
Essential Document: President Obama: Remarks on bin Laden's Death
Must Read: New York Times: The Most Wanted Face of Terrorism
Must Read: NPR: World Reaction to bin Laden's Death
Must Read: Heritage Foundation: Next Steps to Winning the Long WarMust Read: Huffington Post: Reassessing bin Laden's Legacy
Analysis Brief: Death Blow to al-Qaeda
Must Read: Financial Times: Declare Victory and End the War on Terror
Backgrounder: Al-Qaeda
Must Read: Telegraph: Al-Qaeda: The Next Generation

Foreign Affairs: Bin Laden's Legacy

U.S.-Pakistan Relations

First Take: Daniel Markey: More Tense Times Ahead for U.S.-Pakistan
Must Read: Christian Science Monitor: Bin Laden Killed Near Pakistan's West Point

Must Read: New Yorker: What Pakistan Knew
Op-Ed: Asif Ali Zardari: Pakistan Did Its Part
Must Read: Dawn: Brace for Turbulence

Foreign Affairs: Shuja Nawaz: The Pakistan Dillemma
Must Read: Foreign Policy: The Lies They Tell Us
Must Read: Guardian: Pakistan Will Pay the Blood Price

Must Read: Foreign Policy: Osama Was the Least of Pakistan's Problems

Interactive Crisis Guide: Pakistan

War in Afghanistan

First Take: Max Boot: Afghanistan Still Vital to Terrorist Fight
Op-Ed: Gayle Lemmon: What bin Laden's Death Means for America's Longest War
Must Read: New York Times: Afghanistan Weighs Future with Fatalism

Must Read: LA Times: Afghans Fear War Will Go on

Middle East Democracy Movement

First Take: Steven Cook: More Isolated al-Qaeda in Mideast
First Take: Robert Danin: Bin Laden and the Middle East
Interview: Martin Indyk: Bin Laden Peace Dividend for Middle East?
Blog: Elliott Abrams: Bin Laden, Obama, and the Arab Spring
Must Read: TIME: How the Arab Spring Made bin Laden an Afterthought
Must Read: Fouad Ajami: Osama bin Laden, Weak Horse
Must Read: Atlantic: Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood Sticks with bin Laden
Must Read: Pew: Bin Laden Largely Discredited Among Muslim Publics


CFR Interactive: Crisis Guide: Pakistan
CFR Video: Ed Husain on bin Laden Death
CFR Video: Daniel Markey on U.S.-Pakistani Relations
CFR Media Conference Call: U.S. Af-Pak Strategy Post Bin Laden
New York Times: Interactive Timeline of bin Laden's Life
Wall Street Journal: Diagram of bin Laden Compound
Financial Times: Interactive Graphic: al-Qaeda's Other Leaders Video: Steve Coll on bin Laden Family
PBS Frontline: Fighting for bin Laden
Al-Jazeera Video: Inside Story: U.S.-Pakistan Relations Post Bin Laden

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